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Top tips for fostering successful clinical supervision

Top tips for fostering successful clinical supervision How to work towards giving and receiving gold standard supervision  This blog post was inspired by a MasterClass training session when one of the participants asked at the end of the day ‘ If you had to pick your top 5 tips to make supervision work, what would they be’ ? At the end of the day and the last session for the year I had to do some quick reflection…  I have expanded my list to include 10 tips because I think if you follow these gold standard rules you set up solid supervision practices and create an environment for ongoing monitoring and review.  Supervision when done well is both supportive and educative and can transform practitioner’s theoretical knowledge into meaningful practice and develop confidence in working with a range of presentations across the lifespan. Often supervisors assume that supervisees come with a preconceived understanding of what supervision is and how it should be done. That is far from the t